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My WordPress spam filter has caught 384 spam comments as of today.

Am I weird because I saw that and immediately thought "Ooh, 384 is a nice round number: 256 + 128!"? (110000000 binary)


Posted on March 26, 2007
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I used the golf gift certificate this afternoon with Eric L and Andrew. The weather was pretty good, although it had rained in the morning so it was a bit damp. As for the actual golfing, well.. I got par on one hole at least 🙂

Golfing 1

Golfing 2

Golfing 3

Posted on March 25, 2007
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I went to UW last week for the info session about their master's program. It sounds good, so I'm at least going to apply. On Saturday I'm taking the GRE test. I haven't really been studying for it - I assume it's relatively easy like the SAT. If nothing else at least I bought a GRE book at Borders:

GRE book

Posted on March 21, 2007
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How to open a Windows Vista or Office 2007 box

I nearly cut my hand while opening my copy of Office, and my brother just sent me a string of angry emails after banging on his Vista box for 5 minutes trying to get it open. So to prevent further pain, I present this guide about how to open your Windows or Office box.

First, rip off all the little plastic seals from the sides (This step updated 4/2/07 with a picture sent in by Erin (thanks!)):

Peel the sticker off
Next, you need to cut the circular sticker across the top using your trusty Swiss Army knife. Note: don't try ripping this sticker off, or else it will probably rip the 'certificate of authenticity' off the box as well. Pic:

Cut the sticker across the top

You might have to cut the sticker on both the front and the back if it covers both sides.

At this point you might be tempted to push in the tab things on the side of the box and pull it open:

Don't pull the box tabs

Don't do this, however, because these tab things are actually supposed to hold the box shut, so if you grab them you prevent the box opening at all. The trick is to leave the tabs alone and find the little recessed grip thing on the top of the box and pull on it:

Box top grip

The center of the box slides outward radially, so you actually have to pull up on it, which might not be what you expect. Once you do that the box pops open:

Vista box open

Alternatively, you could also read the little visual diagram of how to do this that's on the first little plastic thing you rip off, but that would be too easy :).

Posted on March 19, 2007
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Rattlesnake Ridge

Went hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge today. It was pretty cloudy so we didn't get a very good view of either the lake or Mt. Si.

Hike pic 1

Hike pic 2

Posted on March 18, 2007
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Golf time

I'm the proud new owner of the most suspicious-looking gift certificate ever:

Gift Certificate

Despite the fact that it's already expired and the amount has been crossed out multiple times, it's supposedly legit. We'll see if the golf course accepts it..

I won it in the weekly office happy hour competition. This week the challenge was to write an implementation of a function with the signature "void ArraySort(int[] array, int length)" that has O(1) memory usage. This was my entry:

void ArraySort(int _array[], int _length)
push _mysort
push 4
mov eax, [_length]
push eax
mov eax, [_array]
push eax
mov eax, [qsort]
call eax
add esp, 16
jmp _done
mov edx, [ebp-8]
mov ecx, [ebp-4]
mov eax, [ecx]
cmp eax, [edx]
jle _le
mov eax, 1
cmp eax, [edx]
jge _ge
mov eax, -1
xor eax, eax

I particularly like this implementation because the code for the qsort callback is embedded inside the ArraySort function. I was sad that not everybody else appreciated the sublime beauty of this as much as I did.

Posted on March 17, 2007

So you know... I don't hear random things about how you're doing from my mom anymore. How's the weather been in Washington? I heard you had a crap-tacular time trying to make it home for Christmas.

Thx for the bday wishes! So... we're up to 3 out of the 88 online social networks referenced in Wikipedia? What's that...A little over 3%? ;P

The power of Facebook compels you!

Oh yea! And we're COA, by like two weeks, and we'll never let you Betas forget it!



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