Bathroom Norman Door

At work one of the bathroom stalls' latch broke, so they put on a new latch. They naturally put it on backwards, so now the door opens outward instead of inward:

Bathroom Norman Door Outside

There's no way to pull the door open, so you have to reach up and grab the top of the door. It's quite the Norman Door now, because the handle's still on the inside, where you have to push to get it open:

Bathroom Norman Door Inside

Worst of all, it's the handicap stall:

Handicap Norman Door

For some reason people were giving me funny looks when I was taking these pictures inside the bathroom.

Posted on July 30, 2008
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  1. So long as you aren’t taking photos of people in the bathroom, door photos should be okay. Tell them you’re an artist – that explanation always works well for me. 🙂

  2. You know the reason the handle is on the inside is two reasons right?

    1. Pull it tight to shut the latch from the inside
    2. Avoid people yarding on it from the outside to accidentally open the stall if you’re inside.

  3. Considering it is handicapped they should have a handle on each side so a person can pull it open more easily. Also, the door opening outwards makes sense so a wheel chair can get in and close the door without the chair obstructing the door’s swing if it swung inward…

  4. Right, the handle on the inside is correct. But the latch is on wrong, and the door is supposed to swing inward.

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