The garbage man drove down my street twice today. I guess he is a two-pass garbage collector.

Hey you need to get MSN...ha ha

One week until iPad

got a huge REI refund this year. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing..

hey Andrew Dewar check out this cool poster I got

It is over. CubeCheater is dead. Today is a sad day.

this is a good one
03/21/2010 |

Just heard second-hand that Erno Rubik himself thinks CubeCheater is cool. Unfortunately the news came in a "sub-license the rights to Rubik's Cube or else pull your app" threatening letter. Ugh..

Interesting graph: web 2.0 vs social media on Google Trends
Google Trends: web 2.0, social media

OK I am convinced. Git is the best VCS.

Jessica Biel climbed Kilimanjaro one week after we did - this MTV show is a pretty good representation of what it was like (minus all the celebrities and TV cameras).
Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro | Full Episodes, Photos, Episode Synopsis and Recaps | MTV
Free full episode videos, photos, full episodes and recaps of Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro on

Remapping CapsLock to Control makes Ctrl-C, etc so much easier to type, why didn't I do this years ago??

I think I just walked through the background of a TV news interview while picking something out of my teeth 😐

Switching to Chrome as my default browser now that the Mac version supports extensions and all my critical extensions have been ported. Woo for no more leaky Firefox eating all the RAM!

Lol...I think it is funny that you work at Facebook, considering I was the one that talked you into signing up for Facebook!



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