Finally, an answer to Test-Driven Development.
Introducing Developer Driven Development (DDD) | Code Anthem
Development Driven Development (DDD) is a revolutionary new approach to development that focuses on … you guessed it, development! DDD takes a radical approach in an industry filled with tests, metrics, and processes by allowing smart developers to write code. ...

had a bad dream about the 80 character limit

Gradually replacing all my RSS feeds with the corresponding Facebook fan page subscriptions. RSS's days are numbered. One News Feed to rule them all.

I give up
American boy, 13, breaks Everest record
A 13-year-old American became the youngest climber to ever summit Mount Everest on Saturday.

Happy Belated Birthday! Aye!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!


Happy birthday, Eric! (GOTO 10)

Shamelessly copying the program idea from below:
10 PRINT "Happy birthday, Eric!" : REM feel free to change this to match the occasion
20 GOTO 10

Happy birthday! Hope you like it in CA. 🙂

Happy Birthday Eric!

Happy Birthday!

printf("and old school, Happy Birthday!!!");

Happy Birthday, Eric!

happy birthday mr. faller. hope you are enjoying the california weather

Happy bday Eric!

India-Pakinstan friendship counter on suddenly plummeted. Hmm I wonder why..


Giraffes are awesome

drop table stream

Justin @ Facebook

dislikes Greek debt crises

I need a way to comment on people's "Likes".
eg: "Andrew Fomichev likes Virgin America". What? really?

Facebook To Open Seattle Office
There I was thinking I was such a trendsetter by moving to Seattle. But apparently other people had the same idea, because Facebook is opening an office up here, too. A handful of engineers, led by Ari Steinberg, are making the move up here to open an engineering office, says Facebook. They are look...

Test Facebook -> Twitter exporting, with a picture.



CubeCheater Piratizer



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