overheard: "Try googling it on Bing"

Sara Bareilles concert [HD]

Left my sunglasses in your car lol. Will sort that out later if you can keep them safe for a little while :). Thanks for driving again man.

Awesome, this restaurant has crayons!

Just discovered that 'software engineer' translates as 'softwareentwickler' in German. Work info: updated.

More awesome than you would expect
"Enter Telephone"
Lady Gaga + Metallica remix

Sweet - I finally got a custom build of the iphone app with my changes running on my actual phone. Man, that is an incredibly tedious process. Huge thanks to Eric Faller for the help.

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You're probably going to have to get used to this being in differential at some point.
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Burning Man 2010 (SFW subset)
105 new photos

RV + Subway parking lot + awkward parking = Great story

Hey!!! Why aren't you ever on fb chat anymore?!?!!?



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