I guess this means we can't use this beach ball any more

What's after Austin - Boulder perhaps (we hope)?

Apparently to move money between two Fidelity 401k plans, they need to mail you a check, which you immediately mail back to them. Something seems wrong with this setup.

The first hint that something was wrong should have been the clear blue skies improbably showing up in photos of Seattle... zing.
Seattle real-estate agents caught photoshopping hundreds of home pictures with identical fake skies

I'm thinking about a trip to Rio de Janeiro in March for the Carnival. Looking for someone else to go with - anyone interested?
Brazilian Carnaval - Rio de Janeiro
This is a small sample of the Carnaval samba parade in Rio de Janeiro. It covers one out of the 14 parades to happen during two days and flashes of some of the other 13 parades. NOTE: No arrogant or derogatory remarks, please. They will be promptly removed.



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