Working on booking a trip to Antarctica in late February. The agent asked if I'd be interested in the "iceberg scuba diving" option on the trip. I said yes. I think I may be crazy.

Please help support this very important cause.
Cookie Monster should host Saturday Night Live!

Flight to Vegas
This deal is no longer available.

Did you guys change anything with colleges? It seems like MIT is no longer listed on my profile or on the profiles of a bunch of my friends?

Free burrito!
Buy-One-Get-One-Free burrito, bowl, salad or tacos
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Watching 'Downfall' - turns out Hitler was not actually screaming about his poor iPhone 4 reception. Lying internets.

How did it go? Did you upgrade!?

Waffle dinner
Wanda's Belgian Waffles
Eric checked in at Wanda's Belgian Waffles.

CN Tower
Eric checked in at CN Tower.

So, you likey the is a great version of it:
Rush- Yyz live in rio
from moving pictures released in 1981, yyz is one of rush's most popular songs featured in games such as Rock band (DLC) and guitar hero 2

Of course Bernanke decided to print $600 billion and devalue the USD two days before I visited Canada. Doh :/

Niagara Falls
Eric checked in at Niagara Falls.

Free jeans today to the first 10,000 customers!
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I'm at the airport.

I love that "Election Day" control on the status guys should do that for something for each day of the Christmas, Halloween, Bastille Day, Etc...its good stuff to remind people (and that is one of the major things that people love about google)!



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