Arguing with a drunk polish woman about whether email addresses can contain commas according to RFC 5322. This is Mountain View.

Getting ready
Molly Magees
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Last day to sell underwater stocks from the 2008 crash and lock in some capital loss tax savings!

Just read about that tornado in Copenhagen. Crazy!

Dhuis Domain
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Trying this again.. Made sure to go to the right airport this time.
We'll donate $1 in travel to Make-A-Wish
This deal is no longer available.

Had a bad dream where I was forced to use Hungarian notation again. Shudder.

Loving this piƱa colada right now...

Wow. A lot of friends are having dinner at some of my favorite restaurants tonight (Mark Tonkelowitz, Amanda Johnson, Josh Kuntz, Eric Faller ).

My D is E. See you later buddy

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Facebook Holiday Party @ California Academy of Sciences
Eric checked in at Facebook Holiday Party @ California Academy of Sciences.

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Presence Photos

I'm at the airport.

Las Vegas

Text from Citibank: "High spending alert"

Inside Penn & Teller magic box

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Private flight to Vegas!
Atlantic Aviation San Jose
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