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Current menus for Cafe Epic and Cafe 18 at Facebook HQ.

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I've been beta testing the new version of the Facebook iPhone app for a while now and it's a huge improvement. The app gracefully handles low-bandwidth and spotty connections much better now, which was a godsend in London when there were hordes of people overloading the cell networks everywhere. So glad it's available for everyone now!
Mark Zuckerberg

Balloon graveyard

My desk when I got back to work this morning

London 2012 Olympics events
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A rainy day in Paris.

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3 day gap where I couldn't get tickets for any Olympics events = weekend excursion!

Soccer quarterfinals - Mexico vs. Senegal

Beach volleyball is in a pretty good location

Fencing gold medal round - Italy vs. Russia
Aug 2, 2012 2:01pm

Stonehenge. Slightly smaller than I expected, but still quite impressive. I was a bit disappointed that you can't walk around amongst the stones, but it makes sense.

Boxing super-heavyweight

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Judo quarterfinals - Japan vs Korea



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