Eric, can you come up with a way to search your wall for something? Like for example, I have a thread that I am looking for and it would be nice to have a search for that 🙂 Thanks!

The utility company apparently forgot to cancel the "disconnect service" order from the previous tenant in my place, so they just cut off my power and gas a week after I moved in. Yay. I didn't really need that food that was in the fridge..

Almost failed the CA driver's license test, but didn't. Glad I didn't waste any time studying for it 🙂

If anyone wants 500 Indian Rupees, let me know

So are you allowed to use Facebook at work? 🙂

Survived first day at new job. My desk is around the corner from Mark Zuckerberg's office. No pressure.

Tanzania Safari
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Eames, er, "Ames" lounge chair. Cheapo from craigslist but still very comfortable.

Yay, all the California DMV offices are closed due to budget deficit. Thank you, Arnold.

Lombard street, Coit tower, bay bridge.

An Intuit project manager tried to survey me about their iPhone app while on the Caltrain, but she got busted for not having a permit. I kept the $25 iTunes gift card. Score.

Apartment hunting in Palo Alto and/or downtown San Francisco.

Somewhere in India

Just had an awkward encounter with a gas station attendant. Stupid Oregon.

Flight from Amsterdam boards at 9.11. Nice. Looking forward to the full body scan too.

80's Oscar-winner starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep

Flying to Dar Es Salaam. This airport is crazy - people are walking in and out of the "secure" zone with impunity. Nobody is watching the X-ray machine. The guards are all watching a soccer game. I feel extra safe.

Coffee plantations - Karatu, Tanzania



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