African poison ivy sting. Ow ow ow ow. Also, a waterfall.

India Wedding

Flooded river washed out our road.

Cheetah eating a gazelle.

Nature raw in tooth and claw - Lion family eating a giraffe.

Olduvai Gorge

Due to torrential rainfall in the Serengeti, we just got a free upgrade from a tent safari to the "luxury lodge" safari. Woo. Bad weather pays off for once.

Yawning hippo. Shot with "hold iPhone up to binoculars" technique.

Baby elephant

Pickle Pringles. Not available in the U.S. I think I know why.

Special ingredient in the garden pizza.

Kilimanjaro day 6 - Uhuru peak successfully scaled. A freak snowstorm froze everyone to the bone and blocked all the views, but we did it. Now we have to trudge all the way back down the mountain.



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